July 2022

In the last month, we released several feature improvements, including the ability to choose a geographic-specific Sensible instance for regulatory or business needs, web app UX improvements, and enriched API metadata.

Improvement: Sensible custom region support

Sensible now supports custom regions for our Enterprise customers. Businesses outside the US with data residency requirements, and businesses that would like to minimize latency to Sensible's API, will now be able to select their preferred AWS region.

Improvement: Enriched API metadata

If you specify high verbosity output in your API calls, you can now see additional metadata (bounding polygons) for elements in tables.
Additionally, portfolio extractions now include a total page_count for the portfolio.

Improvement: Paragraph support for the topic method

In addition to the existing numLines parameter, you can now specify the number of paragraphs to match (numParagraphs) for the Topic method.

Improvement: Web app UX

When you upload a reference document to the Sensible app, Sensible detects if any existing configuration in the document type fits that document. If Sensible finds a fit, it automatically associates the new document and the configuration in the app for your convenience.