Welcome to Sensible's documentation. Sensible extracts structured data from documents, for example, business forms in PDF format.

Sensible uses an extraction configuration, or "config", to extract data from a collection of similar documents that you send to Sensible, either through our app or through our API. You have the following options for authoring configs:

Use caseDescriptionGet started
Low-code AI authoringYou describe the document data that you want to extract, using Sensible's visual authoring tool, Sensible Instruct. Sensible uses GPT-4 and other large-language models (LLMs) to extract data from your documents.Getting started with AI extractions
Advanced authoringTo extract from complex document layouts, use SenseML, a superset of Sensible Instruct. SenseML is a JSON-formatted query language that combines layout-based queries with AI-powered queries. This combined approach lets you extract from a variety of documents, from highly structured business forms to unstructured legal or research papers.Getting started with SenseML
Out-of-the-box extraction for common business documentsNo need to author configs for common business and tax forms. Use Sensible's pre-built, open-source configuration library to extract key information from tax forms such as 1099s, major carrier insurance declaration pages, and other documents. Then tweak the pre-built configurations for your custom data needs.Getting started with out-of-the-box extractions

For more information about choosing between SenseML and Sensible Instruct, see Choosing an extraction approach.

See the following topics for further resources: