May 2024

In the last month, we made several improvements to the web app user experience and deprecated the Topic method.

Deprecation: LLM-based methods replace Topic method

The Topic is now deprecated and replaced by LLM-based methods.

UX improvement: Extraction history

We made improvements to the extraction history view in the Sensible app.

In addition to viewing extraction errors by clicking on an individual extraction, you can now view errors for extractions listed in the Extraction history tab:

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We also changed the sorted view for past batch extractions. On the Batch extractions tab, batches are now sorted by reverse chronological order.

Improvement: Select batch environment in the app

In addition to specifying environments through the SDK or API for portfolio and batch extractions, you can now do so in the Sensible app's Extraction tab. When you select multiple files to upload for extraction, choose Production or Development:

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