June 2022

In the last month, we released several feature improvements, including the ability to view deskewed documents in the Sensible app and an increased limit for Google OCR.

Improvement: Web app UX for skewed or scaled documents

The Sensible app now allows you to view skewed documents in their original state, or in their deskewed state:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

This visual representation of how the Sensible app deskews documents can be useful for authoring configs and for troubleshooting.

For skewed or scaled documents, the Sensible app now also transforms line boundaries and other visual overlays, for example rotating them, so that they better visually correspond to the rendered document.

Improvement: Document Range offset

You can now offset the start of the Document Range method in order to capture content that precedes the anchor. For example, use this as an alternative to the Row method when cell content is multiline or isn't aligned across the row.

Improvement: Google OCR page limit

Google OCR now supports documents up to 25 pages long, instead of the previous 5-page limit.

Improvement: Date type

The date type now handles abbreviated months that end with a period, for example, "Jan." or "Aug.".