June 2024

In the last month, we made UX improvements to the Sensible app, added advanced configurability to the Intersection method, and added a new preprocessor.

UX Improvement: View aggregate API usage metrics by time period

In the Sensible app's Dashboard, you can now view aggregate usage metrics for your selected time period when you hover on a day, in addition to viewing that day's metrics:

Improvement: Advanced configurability for Intersection method

For the Intersection method, you can now relax the criteria by which Sensible determines that a region at the intersection point "contains" lines. For example, use the new Percent Overlap X and Percent Overlap Y parameters to extract lines with variable alignment:

For an example, see the Intersection method.

New feature: Remove Page preprocessor

Use the new Remove Page preprocessor to remove pages that contain the specified text. For example, remove all pages containing the specified header.

For an example, see the Remove Page method.