October 2023

In the last month, we launched a powerful new dashboard to help you monitor historic and real-time extraction metrics, added new user management features to the Sensible app, and made LLM prompt configuration available at the config level for Sensible Instruct.

New feature: monitor extractions in real time

We've released a real-time dashboard in the Sensible app. Now, you can track all your document extraction metrics in one place, in real time. Aggregate performance summaries, monitor configuration success, track usage at the document type level, and view historic performance data for all production deployments.

For more information, see Metrics and our feature release announcement.

New feature: user management in app

Sensible’s new user management capabilities make it easy to coordinate your team’s account directly within the Sensible app.

  • Team management: Invite new users to your team account, or remove existing members, directly within the app without needing to reach out to customer success.
  • User permissions: User management introduces two user designations – admins and members – to manage accessibility within team accounts. Admins can invite new members, set other admins, remove members, create and manage API keys, update billing, and change the subscription plan. Members can view other users on the team account, update their own account details, and view monthly plan usage.
  • Subscription management: View or upgrade your subscription plan and billing information, and track plan usage for the current billing period.
  • API keys: Easily create new API keys, or track where current API keys are being used.

UX improvement: Advanced config-level options in Sensible Instruct

The advanced config-level prompt configuration parameters we released in July are now available in the Sensible Instruct editor in addition to the SenseML editor. Now you can edit prompt settings for all fields in the config in one place:

Click to enlarge

Note that prompt settings you configure for an individual field override the field-level settings.

Improvement: New formatting for Paragraph type

With the new All Newlines parameter for the Paragraph type, you can now format the extracted data to indicate every line break in addition to every paragraph break. For example, use this parameter when Sensible's default, strict paragraph recognition criteria filters out newlines in the extracted data.

New feature: Statistics endpoint

The new statistics endpoint gives you programmatic access to the data powering Sensible's new real-time dashboard. For more information, see Get extraction statistics.