December 2021

In the last month we’ve made several minor feature and web app UX improvements while focusing on our upcoming launch of a self-serve signup flow (stay tuned).

Improvements: existing feature updates

  • For the Intersection method, you can now define a vertical anchor on any page, not just the same page as the main anchor.
  • The Portfolio endpoints now have improved page range detection, including support for defining first and last page fingerprints on the same page.
  • API endpoints now support client-side validation of document type names, so if you enter a document type name incorrectly, you get an error message.

Improvements: web app UX

  • For better visual clarity, Sensible now represents filtered-out data with dotted lines:

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  "fields": [
      "id": "filtered_by_tiebreaker",
      "anchor": "Javascript",
      "method": {
        "id": "row",
        "position": "right",
        "tiebreaker": "second"

You can now measure inch coordinates in the Sensible app, so you can more easily configure configure coordinate-based methods such as Region and Text Table.

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Improvements: documentation

We've added documentation for a couple of advanced free-text extraction methods: