February 2022

In the last month, Sensible launched a self-serve sign-up that includes a free-forever tier, no credit card required. We also introduced a new feature that lets you extract choices from a radio button group or other field group. We made several feature improvements, including a richer API response, and a customizable date type.

Self-serve launch

Last month we launched a self-serve sign-up. With self-serve you can sign up, onboard a document, and publish an enterprise-grade API endpoint, all in an afternoon. Self-serve accounts start at a forever-free tier and don't require a credit card to create.

To make onboarding for self-serve customers as easy (and even fun) as possible, we now preload all our accounts with in-app walkthroughs to teach SenseML:

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New feature: Extract choices from radio buttons or other groups

With the Pick values computed field you can extract specified values from a group of fields. For example, extract the selected boxes from a checkbox group, or extract all "yes" answers from a group of fields with yes/no/maybe dropdowns:

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Improvement: API returns metadata about extraction selection

The extraction API now returns metadata about how Sensible automatically chooses the best-scoring configuration in a document type.
It shows how Sensible scored the extraction for each configuration, for example:

"classification_summary": [
      "configuration": "anyco_rate_confirmation",
      "fingerprints": 2,
      "fingerprints_present": 2,
      "score": {
        "value": 3.5,
        "fields_present": 4,
        "penalities": 0.5
      "configuration": "acme_co",
      "fingerprints": 2,
      "fingerprints_present": 2,
      "score": {
        "value": 0.5,
        "fields_present": 2,
        "penalities": 1.5

Improvement: Text Table method can span pages

The Text Table method can now recognize tables that span page breaks. Other table methods already include this feature. To enable this feature, be sure to specify a Stop parameter for the table.

Improvement: Configurable Date type

You can now configure your own date formats (for example, MM-YY) for Sensible to recognize as a Date type, in addition to or instead of the default date formats.

Improvement: OCR preprocessor can match multiple pages

You can now specify to OCR all pages that match a line of text, rather than just the first-found page.

Improvements: Web app UX

You can now view portfolios by clicking on them in the extractions section of the web app.

Improvement: Consistent output for Address type

If an address in a source document is on one line, Sensible now formats the output by adding a newline between the street address and the city.