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To get a quick "hello world" response from this API, see the quickstart.
For a more detailed, step-by-step tutorial on calling an endpoint, see Try synchronous extraction.

Sensible provides the following endpoints for you to extract data out of your documents:




Document extraction (synchronous)

Extract data from a document

The majority of our users can use this endpoint, which takes a document file, such as a PDF, and returns extracted data synchronously.

Get Excel from PDFs

Get Excel extraction

Get well-structured Excel files converted from PDF documents. This endpoint also works with PNG and JPEG documents.

Document extraction (asynchronous)

Use the asynchronous endpoints for documents that are greater than 4.5MB in size or that require over 30 seconds of processing time. You have two options for asynchronously extracting from your document:
- extract a doc at a URL you provide
- upload and extract the doc at a Sensible URL.
You can then call the Retrieve extraction endpoint to get the results, or specify a webhook for Sensible to push the results to as soon as they're ready.

Portfolio extraction (asyncronous)

Use these endpoints with multiple documents that are packaged into one PDF file (a PDF "portfolio").

SenseML configuration

See endpoints under Configuration, for example, List document types for this account.

Configure extractions using these endpoints as an alternative to manual configuration in the Sensible app.