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To get started, see the following endpoints. Or, see the Sensible SDK quickstarts.

Document extraction (asynchronous)- Extract doc at a Sensible URL

- Extract doc at your URL
Takes a document file, such as a PDF, and returns extracted data asynchronously. Use the asynchronous endpoints in production. You have two options for asynchronously extracting from your document:
- extract a doc at a URL you provide
- upload and extract the doc at a Sensible URL.
You can then call the Retrieve extraction endpoint to get the results, or specify a webhook for Sensible to push the results to as soon as they're ready.
Document extraction (synchronous)Extract data from a documentReturns extracted document data synchronously. Use this endpoint for testing.
Get Excel from PDFsGet Excel extractionGet well-structured Excel files converted from PDF documents. This endpoint also supports documents formatted as images, for example, PNG or JPEG.
Portfolio extraction (asynchronous)- Extract portfolio at a Sensible URL
- Extract portfolio at your URL
Use these endpoints with multiple documents that are packaged into one PDF file (a PDF "portfolio").
Document type classificationClassify document by typeClassifies a document by its similarity to document types you define in your Sensible account.