Score a document's similarity to each document type you defined in your Sensible account and to each reference document in the highest-scoring type.
To retrieve the scores, poll the download_link in this endpoint's response until it returns a non-error response.
For more information about scores, expand the 200 response in the synchronous classification endpoint.

Use this endpoint:

  • In an extraction workflow. For example, determine which documents to extract prior to calling a Sensible extraction endpoint.
  • Outside an extraction workflow. For example, to determine where to route each document or to label each document in a system of record.

To post the document bytes, specify the non-encoded document bytes as the entire request body,and specify the Content-Type header, for example,"application/pdf" or "image/jpeg".

This endpoint supports documents up to 4.5MB in size.

For a list of supported document file types, see the /extract endpoint.

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