Reviewing extractions

If extractions contain errors, for example as the result of hard-to-read handwriting, you can flag extractions for manual correction by a human reviewer. Flag extractions automatically at scale in production by configuring rules based on validations and extraction coverage. Use the Sensible app's Human review tab to manually correct the extracted fields, then approve or reject the extraction.

In a document type, in the Human Review tab, set the criteria for Sensible to flag an extraction for manual review:

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Enable human review for all documents in a type, or set criteria to trigger review. Criteria include:

After you run extractions in the document type, the Human review tab displays the document types that contain extractions flagged for review:

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Click a document type to review the flagged extractions:

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Click a field's value to:

  • view the field's full value for tables, sections, and other complex fields
  • edit the field's value
  • view the field's source location highlighted in the document

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Click the checkmark icon next to each field to mark it approved. When you're done editing field values and approving individual fields, click Approve Extraction or Reject Extraction to remove it from the extractions flagged for review.

Filter past extractions by review status using the following options:

  • in the Extraction history tab, use the Review Status criterion
  • in the Sensible API, use the List extractions endpoint with the review_statuses parameter.