A line is a rectangular region containing text. Sensible represents lines as gray boxes. Lines can occupy the same height on the page:

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In other words, Sensible separates lines using any whitespace, not just newlines.

Line sorting

Sensible sorts lines primarily by their height on the page (their y-axis position) and secondarily by their left-to-right position (their x-axis position).

For example, this image shows which lines precede and succeed a target line:

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When text such as handwriting is slightly misaligned vertically, line sorting is less intuitive. In the following image, a human reader may interpret the red line as succeeding the target line, but for Sensible it precedes the target line because it's higher on the page:

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To configure this default sorting behavior, see the Sort Lines parameter.

Line grouping

Label method

For the Label method, Sensible groups lines together using whitespace and x- and y-axis positions. Sometimes, Sensible's line groups are more restrictive than a human reader might expect. In particular, Sensible groups lines separated by vertical space solely if they align at the left edge of each line boundary by default:

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To capture unaligned lines, use the Document Range method.