Go-live checklist

You've written your configs and tested your reference documents and you're ready to move to production. Here's a handy checklist before you go live:

  • Have you published the latest version of all your configurations across all document types to production? (In the Sensible app, select a document type, select a config, then click Publish configuration and select Production).
  • If you're working with multiple configurations per document type, is the variable naming consistent across different configurations? (for example, if you extract a field with the ID customer_full_name in one config, you shouldn't name it customer_fullname in another config).
  • In your code, have you handled the case where a field in the response object can be null?
  • Does your system properly handle an error response from the Sensible API or SDKs?
  • Do you have logging around which API calls triggered an error response so that you can retry those documents?