Sensible offers you several ways to troubleshoot your configs and extractions.

API logging levels

To troubleshoot extractions in API responses, you can add a verbosity level to a config. For more information, see verbosity.

Inspect extracted text

Sometimes, the text you see in the rendered PDF doesn't match the direct text extraction. To inspect all the text Sensible extracted from a document, use the following config:

  "fields": [
      "id": "all_lines_in_doc",
      "method": {
        "id": "documentRange",
        "includeAnchor": true
      "anchor": {
        "match": {
          "type": "first"

Inspect lines and fields

You can inspect a line to see:

  • the extracted text (this text might not match the text in the rendered PDF)
  • dimensions of the line boundaries
  • which fields interact with that line:

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Inspect SenseML

The Sensible app visually represents SenseML queries in rendered PDFs using colored symbols. For more information, see UI guide.

Lint SenseML

The SenseML pane has a built-in linter for both JSON and the SenseML model. If you see a warning about invalid JSON, then hover over the red-underlined JSON to see an error message:

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You can also use the linter to autocomplete parameters.