Out-of-the-box extractions

If you want to extract from any of the following document types, you can get started in minutes using the Sensible configuration library. The library provides out-of-the-box support for common business forms:

  • auto policy declaration pages
  • balance sheet
  • bank statements
  • closing disclosure
  • credit card statements
  • drivers license
  • explanation of benefit
  • health insurance claims
  • home policy declaration pages
  • loss runs
  • pay stubs
  • pet policy declaration pages
  • resumes
  • tax forms
  • verifications of employment
  • rent rolls
  • offering memorandums
  • ....and more

To add supported document types to your Sensible account:

  1. Click the Configuration library tab, and search for your document type:
    Click to enlarge
  2. Click your document type. Sensible displays the specific forms it supports in the document type.
  3. Click Clone to account. Sensible displays the cloned document type and its form-specific configs in the Document types tab.
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  4. Test the document type, for example, using the Extract tab.