API tutorial

Get started with extracting structured data from documents using the Sensible API.

If you're new to APIs in general, these tutorials are a good starting point.

Or, if you're familiar with APIs:

  • see the API quickstart to get a sample API response.

  • explore the Sensible Postman collection:

Run in Postman


To follow these tutorials, you need:

  • An API key. Create this key after you sign up for a Sensible account.
  • Postman desktop app, or a command line with cURL installed.
  • An example extraction configuration. See the following section.

Prerequisite: Create example extraction configuration

  1. Navigate to Sensible's open-source configuration library to choose an example document type. For this tutorial, select Tax forms.

  2. Select Clone to account to copy example tax forms and associated configurations for extracting data from those forms to your account.

Next steps

Try out the endpoints with these tutorials: