API tutorial

Get started with extracting structured data from documents using the Sensible API.

If you're new to APIs in general, this tutorial is a good starting point. Or, if you're familiar with APIs, see the quickstart to get a sample API response.


To follow this tutorial, you need:

  • An API key (you receive this key when you sign up for a Sensible account)
  • Postman desktop app (or follow along with cURL in the command line)
  • An example config. See the following section.

Prerequisite: Create an example config

  1. Follow the steps in Create a config to create an example anyco config in an example auto_insurance_quote document type.
  2. Important! Remember to click Publish in the Sensible app to publish your config. The API calls in these tutorials fail without the published example config.

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Next steps

Try out the endpoints with these tutorials:

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