Zapier overview

With Sensible's Zapier integration, you can transform data in PDFs and other document file types into emails, databases, Google sheets, and other Zapier-supported destinations.

For example, you can extract data in 1040 tax forms:

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And send the data to a database. The following image shows how Zapier can send extracted data from each document to a record, or row, in an Airtable database:

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When creating a Zapier integration, you can either:

  • Run extractions in Sensible and then act on the data with a Sensible trigger.
  • Trigger extractions automatically outside of Sensible, then act on the data with a Sensible action.

Sensible trigger

Every time you run an extraction using the Sensible app or API, you can automatically send the data to a destination, for example an email or database, using a Sensible trigger:

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For more information, see the Zapier getting started guide or example Zap.

Sensible action

You can bypass the Sensible app or API and instead trigger Sensible extractions with file actions in Google drive, email, or other supported Zapier apps. Then send the extraction to the destination of your choice with a Sensible action.

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For more information, see Advanced Zapier tutorial.