App overview

This topic provides an overview of tasks in the Sensible web app.

Extracting from a new document

A brief overview of extracting information from an example bank statement doc type:

Configure the app

  1. Click + New in the left pane to create a new document type, for example, "bank statements".
  2. Click the new document type in the left pane.
  3. Click Create configuration and name it, for example, "anyco_bank".
  4. Click Reference documents and click Upload document to upload a reference PDF, for example, a typical bank statement from Anyco Bank.
    • (Optional) In the Upload reference document dialog, select the configuration you created. Now the Sensible app always displays this PDF by default when you edit the config.
  5. For each company or format of bank statement you want to extract from, create another configuration.

Write the extraction

  1. Click a new configuration to edit the SenseML and extract structured data from the PDF. For a tutorial, see Getting Started.
  2. (Optional) Click the Validations tab and write validations.

View extractions

  1. Extract data from other bank statements using the Sensible API, then check the extraction results in the app:
  • To view extractions for a document type, select the document type, then select the Extractions tab.
  • To view extractions for all document types, select Recent extractions in the left pane.

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